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Utila Dive Center - Bay Islands, Honduras

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Utila Dive Center - Bay Islands, Honduras

The legendary whale shark!

Utila Dive Center & The Mango Inn

The Bottom Line

The Utila Dive Center on is one of the Bay Islands' highest regarded PADI Scuba dive shops. Its instruction is world-class, and sense of community is unparalleled. The Utila Dive Center is also great at sniffing out whale sharks--if you see one, you'll be the envy of divers across the globe!


  • Superlative coaching, diverse instructors, top-of-the-line gear.
  • Learning to dive in the Caribbean is unbeatable.
  • Free accommodations at the Mango Inn with dive courses and packages.
  • Utila boasts the most sightings of the elusive whale shark, the largest fish in existence!


  • The Utila Dive Center is quite a hike from the Mango Inn.


  • Mailing Address:
    Utila Dive Centre/Mango-Inn
    Utila, Bay Islands 34201
  • Email: info@utiladivecenter.com
    Phone: 00 504 4253326
    Fax: 00 504 4253327
  • Open Water Diver certification is $229 USD, with 4 nights free accommodation at the Mango Inn.
  • Discover Scuba (less commitment) is $70 USD. Advanced Open Water is $229, with two nights free accommodation.
  • Check out the Utila Dive Center's Website at www.utiladivecentre.com for other course information.

Guide Review - Utila Dive Center - Bay Islands, Honduras

There’s nothing in the world like learning to dive in Utila. No practice pools here. From the first moment you strap on a mask, neon fish dart in front of your face, baby barracuda display their ferocious underbites, and infinitesimal seashells sift through your fingers.

And that's just day one.

I attained my Open Water Diver certification with Utila Dive Center, and doing so was one of the standout experiences of my life. Not just because of the warm Caribbean, or the abundance of dazzling sea life just steps offshore—although that’s why divers flock to Utila like tropical fish to bananas (seriously). But because of the Utila Diver Center’s expertise, flexibility, and hospitality—it's truly the big fish in the sea.

Because the Utila Dive Center’s Divemasters and other dive instructors hail from all over the world, it doesn’t just provide top PADI Scuba instruction—it provides a temporary family for travelers, a genuinely international community. The Utila Dive Center is teamed up with the Mango Inn, and students receive free or discounted accommodation with all dive courses. As a result, you really get to know your classmates, congregating for pizza at the restaurant, or splashing in the hot tub after class.

Utila Dive Center treasures Utila’s unparalleled underwater ecosystems, and its mission statement, “Take only memories . . Leave only bubbles,” is commendable. And they're right. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a novice who has never touched a tank, a dive with Utila Dive Center is certain to leave you with memories you’ll value for the rest of your life.

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