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The Islands of Central America

Central America islands are postcards brought to life.


The Islands of Central America

The Islands of Central America

Mark Lee
Welcome to the Central America islands! Forget Jamaica. Forget St. Martin. The islands of Central America are just as beautiful, even easier to access, and can be enjoyed at a much better price.

The second largest barrier reef in the world runs along Central America’s Caribbean side, and the warm waters thrive with remarkable marine life. However, the Central America islands on the Pacific side are no less vibrant. While Central America is a melting pot of fascinating cultures, Central America island life is even more unique.

From the local and lively (Ambergris Caye, Belize) to the amazingly remote (Cocos Island, Costa Rica), the islands of Central America offer every kind of paradise.

Most Popular Island Destinations

Central America Caribbean islands offer lodging, dining, and nightlife for every budget.

Lesser-Known Island Escapes

The most remote Central America islands boast uncrowded beaches, better wildlife viewing, and traditional culture.

Costa Rica's Unique Island Reserves

The Costa Rica islands offer enough staggering beauty to make a day trip worth it.

Atolls and Archipelagos

Why visit one island when you can visit many? Take a look at Central America's island clusters.
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