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Costa Rica Jungle Trek: A Costa Rica Itinerary


Monteverde National Park

Monteverde National Park

Stephanie Costa
Costa Rica jungles: Here's a Costa Rica travel itinerary for those interested in exploring a selection of Costa Rica jungles, including Arenal and Monteverde, Manuel Antonio and Corcovado. Costa Rica jungles are inarguably some of the best on earth. If you're lucky, you'll spy sloths, monkeys, coatis, all sorts of reptiles and (most likely) a whole host of enormous multi-colored insects....

San Jose to Arenal:

Fly into San Jose, Costa Rica. Take a bus or shuttle to the village of La Fortuna, at the foot of the Arenal volcano. Spend a day hiking the volcano and its forested foothills. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for hot magma -- Arenal is an active volcano.

Arenal to Monteverde:

Travel by Jeep-Boat-Jeep to Monteverde. You can also stay in the nearby village of Santa Elena. Use either village as a base to explore the Monteverde National Park and its spectacular cloudforest. Monteverde offers some of Costa Rica's best canopy tours, most which include ziplining. Fun!

Monteverde to Manuel Antonio:

Travel by bus or shuttle from Santa Elena to the village of Quepos, bordering Manuel Antonio (You might have to switch buses in Puntarenas). Spend as long as you want hiking through Manuel Antonio National Park, pointing out monkeys, and and relaxing on the beautiful Manuel Antonio beaches.

Manuel Antonio to Corcovado :

Travel south along the Pacific Coast from Manuel Antonio to Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica's lush Osa Peninsula. Corcovado is probably the ultimate Costa Rica jungle -- it's been called "the most biologically intense place on earth" by National Geographic.

Corcovado to San Jose:

Time to venture back to San Jose for your flight home. The plane ride should go quickly this time, since you'll spend it marveling at all the exotic wildlife you spotted in the Costa Rica jungles.

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