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Central America Money

Money and Currency in Central America


Central America Money: Because seven countries of Central America use six different currencies (El Salvador and Panama both use the American dollar), dealing with Central America money can be confusing. Below, you'll find links to information about each kind of Central America currency, including exchange rates and a bit of history.

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Belize Money

The Belize Dollar
One unit of Belize currency is called the Belize dollar.

Nicaragua Money

The Nicaragua Cordoba
One unit of Nicaraguan currency is called the córdoba.

Panama Money

The official unit of currency in Panama is the Panama balboa. However, the official paper currency of Panama is the US dollar.

Guatemala Money

The Guatemala Quetzal
One unit of Guatemalan currency is called the quetzal.

Honduras Money

The Honduras Lempira
One unit of Honduran currency is called the lempira.

El Salvador Money

The El Salvador Colón
One unit of El Salvadoran currency used to be called the colón, divided into 100 centavos. However, in 2001, El Salvador adopted the US dollar as its official unit of currency.

Costa Rica Money

The Costa Rica Colón
One unit of Costa Rican currency is called the colón (colónes plural).

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