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Plan Your Trip to Central America


Before you travel to any country in Central America, there's a lot you have to prepare for. Our guide to Central America trip planning includes packing tips, travel itineraries, Central America maps, top destinations, and more.
  1. Getting There and Around
  2. Travel Itineraries and Sample Routes
  3. Packing for Central America
  4. Central America Cuisine
  5. Events and Festivals
  1. Travel Tips and Advice
  2. Staying Safe and Healthy
  3. Maps and Other Important Info
  4. Why Central America?

Getting There and Around

Whatever your favored mode of transportation to and around Central America may be, we have the information to move you.

Travel Itineraries and Sample Routes

If you want to see a great deal in a limited amount of time during your next vacation, Central America is the perfect destination. Here, we've compiled several tried-and-true itineraries for you to peruse. Adjust them as you like; however, always remember to figure in travel time between sights!

Packing for Central America

Packing Tips

If you're traveling to Central America for the first time, you're probably wondering what to pack. Here are some Central America packing lists to get you thinking!

Central America Cuisine


For those who love exotic fare, Central America is a prime destination. Because it consists of many diverse cultures, regional cuisine is just as diverse, resulting in many creatively fused dishes and divine innovations. Take a taste tour of Central America cuisine!

Events and Festivals

Traveling to Central America during a national holiday, festival or other event can be chaotic. But the sights, sounds and colors of these seven nations are never more vibrant than during an official celebration. If you're looking for unforgettable travel, the holidays are it.

Travel Tips and Advice

Wondering how to haggle in a Mayan marketplace? Need to know what to pack for Central America's muggy tropical climes? From how-to guides to packing essentials, we've got the tips and advice every every traveler needs.

Staying Safe and Healthy

While most parts of Central America are safe for travelers, it's always best to be prepared for any situation. Here, we've got advice for travelers about safety measures, necessary vaccinations, travel health, and other subjects to help ensure your Central America vacation is a safe one.

Maps and Other Important Info

Travel is so much more fun when you know all about your destination. This section is for all the Central America basics: Central America maps, facts, statistics, figures, and demographics for every country, from Costa Rica to Guatemala.

Why Central America?

Why Central America

Why travel to Central America? A collections of reasons to travel to Central America, by country.

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