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Wildlife, Conservation, and Ecotourism in Central America

Here you'll find information about Central American wildlife, parks and refuges, and other natural wonders, as well as how to enjoy the region's unparalleled beauty responsibly.
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Costa Rica National Parks
Costa Rica national parks, preserves and wildlife refuges are the world's best. Explore national parks in Costa Rica!

Central America Wildlife Viewing
Some tips for spotting Central America wildlife.

Central America's Top Wildlife Experiences
Amazing, intimate wildlife experiences in Central America.

NASA Photos of Central America - Pictures From Above!
Space pictures and photographs of Central America by NASA satellites and astronauts.

Hiking Safety in Central America
Tips for hiking and trekking safely in Central America.

Island Paradises in Central America
Forget Jamaica. Forget St. Martin. The islands of Central America are just as beautiful, even easier to access, and can be enjoyed at a much better price. From the local and lively (Ambergris Caye, Belize) to the amazingly remote (Cocos Island, Costa Rica), Central America’s islands offer every kind of paradise.

Costa Rica's Unique Island Reserves
All about Costa Island's beautiful topical island paradises: Cocos, Cano, and Tortuga. Though these national parks and reserves don't offer accommodations, they offer matchless ecotourism, wildlife viewing, snorkeling, diving, and watersports opportunities.

The 7 Natural Wonders of Central America
My choices for the Seven Natural Wonders of Central America.

Photo Gallery: Central America's Natural Splendor
Central America photographs featuring the area's natural splendor, from Costa Rican cloudforests to Belizean beaches.

Belize Wildlife Refuges - Wildlife Sanctuaries in Belize

Central America's Creepy Crawlies
Everything you wanted to know about Central America's creepiest creatures---the venomous, the poisonous, and the simply scary-looking spiders, snakes and insects.

Central America Volcanoes
Central America Volcanoes : Central America is famous for its volcanoes. The isthmus's location along the Ring of Fire has resulted in tons of...

Central America Coffee Tours
Central America coffee is some of the world's finest, and Central America coffee tours are a great way to get behind the scenes of its production.

Jicaro Island Ecolodge in Lake Nicaragua
Jicaro Island Ecolodge is a luxury nature lodge in Las Isletas, Lake Nicaragua.

National Parks in Central America
The National Park Service's comprehensive listing of the fantastically diverse national parks, reserves, and wildlife refuges of Central America.

Wildlife Photography: Michael Sewell
A beautiful gallery featuring Central and South American wildlife, from toucans to tapirs, by photographer Michael Sewell.

3 Must Do Tours While Staying in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Learn all about three of the top tours to experience on a trip to Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.

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