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Central America Coffee Tours

Coffee Tours in Every Central America Country


Central America Coffee Tours

Central America Coffee Tours: Finca el Cisne

Kirsten Hubbard
Nothing hits the spot like a great cup of coffee! Central America is home to some of the world's best. There are numerous Central America coffee tours, offered in all seven Central America countries. Some coffee tours take you through processing plants and mills – and even let you take part in the roasting process – while others lead you through scenic coffee plantations on lush hillsides. All Central America coffee tours culminate with the very best part – a cup of fresh Central American coffee.

Coffee Tours in Costa Rica

  • Café Britt Coffee Tour: Located in Heredia, in Costa Rica's central valley region near San Jose, the Café Britt Coffee Tour is probably the most popular coffee tour in Costa Rica. The company grows and roasts coffee for a number of big-name coffee brands – including Starbucks.
  • Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour: The Espiritu coffee plantation is set on 640 mountainous acres. Its location between San Jose and Guanacaste, near the Sanchi handicrafts market, is convenient for travelers.
  • Café Monteverde Coffee Tour: Café Monteverde is dedicated to producing environmentally sustainable and fair trade coffee. The coffee tour allows visitors to take part in the farming, roasting or packing process.

Coffee Tours in El Salvador

  • El Carmen Estate Coffee Tour: The El Carmen Estate is a "hotel and coffee resort", with both quality accommodations and an onsite coffee mill visitors can tour. It's located in the mountains northwest of San Salvador, near El Imposible National Park.
  • Café Miranda Coffee Museum: Café Miranda's San Salvador volcano location boasts some of the most incredible views I've ever beheld. The onsite coffee museum is fascinating, showcasing a timeline of coffee production through the ages.

Coffee Tours in Panama

  • Kotowa Coffee Tour: Boquete is Panama's coffee-producing heartland, and the Kotowa Coffee Tour is one of the area's finest. Visit Panama's oldest coffee mill – almost one hundred years old. Travelers can also book rooms in the coffee plantation.
  • Café Ruiz Coffee Tour: Also located in Boquete, Café Ruiz offers tours from The Art of Tasting Coffee, to a comprehensive seed to cup experience. I very much enjoyed this coffee tour on my last trip to Panama.
  • More Coffee Tours in Panama

Coffee Tours in Belize

  • Gallon Jug Estate Coffee Tours: Due to Belize's low elevation, Gallon Jug Estate is one of the only commercial coffee producers in the country. The estate is located in the forests of Belize's less-traveled northwest corner.

Coffee Tours in Guatemala

  • Los Tarrales Coffee Tour: The Los Tarrales plantation is a great destination for those interested in the farming and production of shade-grown coffee – and birders as well, since many species dwell in the forested grounds. Los Tarrales is about one hour south of Panajachel, near Lake Atitlan.
  • La Azotea Cultural Center: The La Azotea cultural center has several museums, including a coffee museum set in an old coffee mill. Finca La Azotea is a coffee plantation with scenic nature trails for touring.
  • Finca Colombia Coffee Tours: Tours of Finca Colombia lead visitors through every step of the coffee-making process, from the nursery to the coffee mill to the cup. Coffee tours leave from Antigua Guatemala.

Coffee Tours in Honduras

  • Finca Santa Isabel Coffee Tours: Located near the village of Copán Ruinas in western Honduras, Finca Santa Isabel lets visitors observe coffee shade-grown under the rainforest canopy. Bring your binoculars – birds are everywhere!
  • Finca El Cisne Coffee Tours: Also located near Copán Ruinas, Finca El Cisne is a vast farm and coffee plantation, providing a broad agrotourism experience for travelers. I had a great time touring Fina El Cisne (and a delicious farm-grown meal).

Coffee Tours in Nicaragua

  • Reserva El Jaguar Coffee Tours: The small Reserva El Jaguar is a family farm devoted to producing environmentally-friendly coffee. The farm is located in the Isabelia Mountain Range, in the Jinotega province.

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