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Central America Wildlife: Insects, Snakes & Spiders

All About Central America's Creepiest Creatures


Central America Wildlife: Insects, Snakes & Spiders
Arthur Anker
When planning a trip to Central America, people tend to wonder about the wildlife. And we’re not talking tapirs and toucans—we’re talking about the region’s smaller beasts, those with the equipment (jaws, stingers) to spoil your vacation, or at least to make it itchier...

Central America's insects, snakes and spiders.

Costa Rica alone contains five percent of the world’s biodiversity. So it’s true that a vacation in Central America will likely leave you face-to-face with some rather funky fauna, especially in the jungle climates. But it’s always beneficial to know your adversaries, and we’re here to provide you with the resources to differentiate the friendly insects, snakes and spiders from the ferocious.


About Central America's scaly and slithery.

Mosquitoes: The Smallest Vampires

Stinging, slapping, and scratching in Central America.

Other Insects

From kissing bugs to biting flies.

Spiders and Their Cousins

About Central America's less savory eight-leggers.
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