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Central America Spiders (And Their Cousins)

Scorpions and Spiders in Central America


Central America Spiders

Central America Spiders: Wandering Spider

Arthur Anker
Spiders in Central America? But of course. Central America has more than its fair share of spiders, especially in jungle regions. Many Central America spiders are of enormous size, and with colors more elaborate than a Mayan blanket. While some Central America spiders are indeed poisonous, the majority tend to mind their own business.

Although tarantulas are the largest and most intimidating-looking spiders in the world, they only strike if annoyed or threatened, and their bites are only harmful if you happen to be allergic. However, an encounter with a tarantula’s hair can result in itching, burning, and pain. So even if they don’t scare you, be sure not to pet them!

Bad news: for every person killed by a poisonous spider bite, ten are allegedly killed by scorpion stings. Not all scorpions are dangerous, but obviously it’s better to be safe than sorry. While Central America spiders are out night and day, sun-sensitive scorpions hunt mostly by night. Never walk around barefoot in the dark, and it doesn’t hurt to shake out your shoes before you put them on.


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