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THE BELIZE ZOO NEEDS HELP! The Zoo was hit by Hurricane Richard and is in desperate need of donations.

Photos of the Belize Zoo! The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center was established in 1983, to serve as a home for a collection of wild animal film stars. True story! The animals were used in a Belize wildlife documentary, and had no place to go once the filming was completed.

Now, the Belize Zoo is known as one of the world's most intimate. It houses more than 125 animals endemic to Belize, and is dedicated to promoting conservation and wildlife appreciation in Belize and beyond. According to the zoo's website, it "keeps animals which were either orphaned, born at the zoo, rehabilitated animals, or sent to The Belize Zoo as gifts from other zoological institutions."

The Belize Zoo is located about one hour from Belize City, on Belize's Western Highway. For more Belize Zoo facts and info, visit the Belize Zoo website.

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Welcome to the Belize Zoo!Welcome to the Belize Zoo!CoatimundisCoatimundis at the Belize ZooCrocodiles at the Belize ZooCrocodiles at the Belize ZooKeel-Billed ToucanKeel-Billed Toucan at the Belize Zoo
PeccaryPeccary at the Belize ZooSnakeman at the Belize ZooZookeeper with a Boa at the Belize ZooHarpy SignsThis Way to the Harpy EagleHarpy EagleHarpy Eagle at the Belize Zoo
Feeding the deersFeeding the Deers at the Belize ZooBaird's TapirBaird's Tapir at the Belize ZooBathroom at the Belize ZooDefunct Bathroom at the Belize ZooMy Animal FriendsHello From the Gang! My Animal Friends at the Belize Zoo
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