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Central America Volcanoes

Volcanoes in Central America


Central America Volcanoes:

Central America is famous for its volcanoes. The isthmus's location along the Ring of Fire has resulted in tons of volcanic activity, from the distant past until today. Most Central America volcanoes are dormant, but a number of them are still active. You can even hike several of them! Besides four dormant volcanoes in Honduras and one in Panama, the majority of Central America's volcanoes are located in Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

1. Guatemala Volcanoes

Central America Volcanoes
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Guatemala has 22 volcanoes, 7 of which are considered active.

2. Costa Rica Volcanoes

There are 11 volcanoes in Costa Rica, 7 which are considered active.

3. Nicaragua Volcanoes

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There are 19 volcanoes in Nicaragua, 8 of which are considered active.

4. El Salvador Volcanoes

El Salvador is home to 22 volcanoes, 6 of which are considered active.

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