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Central America Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
El Salvador Food Photo Gallery
El Salvador Food: Pictures of El Salvador food, from sopa de pata to pupusas.
A Quick Guide to Food and Drink in El Salvador
All about the cuisine and beverages of El Salvador, including pupusas, empanadas, yuca fritz, ensalada, and much more.
Visiting Central America? Be Sure to Pack These...
A packing list of travel necessities I've found absolutely invaluable during my trips to Central America, and other international travels.
How to Leave Everything Behind and Find a Job...
Job opportunities are limited in Costa Rica, but there is always something for those in industries such as teaching English or telemarketing.
Top 10 Adventurous Backpacker Destinations in...
Central America backpacking is some of the world's best. Here's a selection of Central America's top backpacker destinations.
Top 7 Beaches in Central America
Central America beaches: From rollicking Pacific shores to outlying Caribbean isles, Central America's beaches are truly unbeatable. Here's our list of the top Central America beaches!
All About Guatemala Food and Drink: From...
All about Guatemala food, Guatemala drink and all types of Guatemala cuisine, including chicken pepian, kak’ik, and elites.
Guatemala Beaches
Guatemala Beaches: The top beaches in Guatemala, Central America.
Top Eight Souvenirs from Costa Rica
Costa Rica Gifts and Souvenirs: Here is a list of the coolest gifts from Costa Rica and the must-buy souvenirs. From recycled paper, to coffee, to mango wood candles, to jellies, to fair trade tote bags, you can't go wrong bringing one of these items home.
When Is the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica?
The time of year you choose to travel to Costa Rica is important as it may mean the difference between a sunny vacation and one with torrential downpours.
Panama Food Photo Gallery
Panama Food: Pictures of Panama food, from empanadas to yuca frita.
Where to Go for the Best Beaches in Costa Rica
Costa Rica's beaches rank among the best in the world. Since nearly two thirds of its borders are coastline, there are a whole lot of beaches to explore.
Guatemala Food Photo Gallery
Guatemala Food Photos: Pictures of Guatemala food and drink.
8 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in El Salvador
El Salvador beaches: El Salvador beaches boast some of Latin America's finest surf breaks. Come explore the El Salvador's beaches!
What to Eat in Honduras, From Caracol to Ceviche
All about Honduras food and drink, from Honduras breakfasts to beverages, including burritas, pastelitos de carne, tostones, and much more.
What to Know Before Visiting Panama
Traveling in Panama is so much more than visiting the famous Panama canal. Here's an overview all about Panama travel, including when to go, money and more.
Costa Rica Food Photo Gallery
Costa Rica Food: Pictures of Costa Rica food, from sopa de pata to pupusas.
Photo Tour: San Jose, Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica Photos: A photo tour of San Jose, Costa Rica's capital city.
Plancencia Belize Photo Gallery
Photos of Placencia, Belize. Central America Travel.
Central America Food
Central America Food: All about Central America food, from Costa Rica meals to El Salvador recipes. Come sample Central America cuisine!
Everything You Need to Know About Panama Food...
All about the cuisine and beverages of Panama, such as empanadas, yucca, ceviche, raspados, and other Panama food and drink.
Entry Requirements for Central America Travel
Entry requirements, and passport and visa information for Central America travel.
What You Must Eat in Costa Rica
All about Costa Rica food and drink, from Costa Rican cuisine like casado and ceviche to Costa Rica beverages like refrescos and guaro.
Honduras Food Photo Gallery
Honduras Food: Pictures of Honduras food, from anafres to platanos fritos.
Central American Travel: Get from San...
The best way to get from San Jose to Bocas del Toro is by plane. Only an hour flight from the Pavas airport, travelers can avoid the eight-hour haul via windy roads and sweaty public buses. But for those on the budget, the bus is quite doable if you follow these simple steps.
Costa Rica Dos and Don'ts
A list of dos and don'ts for Costa Rica travel.
Costa Rica Tropical Fruit
You've tried bananas, pinapples and papayas, but have you heard of mamones or granadilla? Here's a list of exotic tropical fruit in Costa Rica that's slightly off the beaten path.
Panama Islands
Panama islands are diverse, beautiful, and number in the hundreds. Come explore the islands of Panama!
Central America Bus Travel
Central America Buses: Traveling by bus is one of the best ways to get around in Central America, whether you're traveling in-country, or cross-country.
Everything You Need to Know Before You Go to...
Costa Rica travel: Costa Rica is one of the most popular (and most beautiful) travel destinations in all of the Americas.
Photos of Bocas del Toro, Panama
Photos of Panama's Bocas del Toro archipelago, from Bastimentos to Bocas Town.
Backpacking in Panama
Backpacking in Panama: the top budget travel destinations for backpackers in Panama, Central America.
Rainy Season in Central America
Rainy Season in Central America: Central America rainy season doesn't have to ruin your Central America vacation!
What to Know Before Visiting El Salvador
A traveler's guide to El Salvador, the hidden gem of Central America travel, full of great surfing, natural beauty, and welcoming locals.
Drug Laws and Penalties in Central America
Drug laws and penalties in Central America.
The Gringo Trail
The Gringo Trail is a nickname for the most popular destinations for travelers in Central America, South America and Mexico.
Panama Photo Gallery
Panama Photos: Our Panama Photo Gallery allows you to enjoy Panama's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with Panama photos ranging from the islands of Bocas del Toro to the Panama Canal.
Starting a Business in Costa Rica
Opening a business in Costa Rica may seem daunting at first, but follow these initial guidelines to set you on the path to success.
Traditional Foods You Have to Try in Nicaragua
All about Nicaragua food and beverages, including chicharon, gallo pinto, cajeta de coco, and other Nicaragua cuisine.
Top Costa Rica Backpacker Destinations
Costa Rica Backpacker Destinations: The best destinations for budget travelers and backpackers in Costa Rica.
Coca Cola Bus Terminal in San Jose Costa Rica
The Coca Cola Bus Terminal is the main bus terminal in San Jose, Costa Rica, and the major hub of the entire Costa Rica bus system.
Belize Real Estate
Belize Real Estate: Real estate companies and realtors in Belize, Central America.
Bocas del Toro in Panama
Bocas del Toro Panama: A travel guide to Panama's Bocas del Toro province in general and the Bocas del Toro Archipelago in specific, from Red Frog Beach on Bastimentos to the Zapatillas Cays.
Scuba Diving in Central America: Top Dive...
The Best Scuba diving sites and Scuba dive destinations in Central Americas for Scuba divers and snorkelers, from Costa Rica's Pacific coast to the Honduras's Bay Islands.
Why Surfers Love Costa Rica's Jaco Beach
Jaco is Costa Rica’s wildest party beach, and a top destination for surfers, backpackers, and land-loving resort travelers alike.
Safety in Central America
A guide to travel safety and security in Central America. Includes information on travel safety in every Central America country, from Costa Rica to El Salvador.
Central America Countries
Central America countries: guide to all seven Central American countries.
Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica
If you are aiming to purchase real estate in Costa Rica, consider these helpful guidelines on how to go about buying property in a tropical paradise.
La Libertad, El Salvador
la Libertad El Salvador: the dynamic El Salvador beach of La Libertad is emerging as one of Central America’s best surfing destinations.
4 Costa Rican Beers You Need to Try
Costa Rice beers: The beers of Costa Rica are a light and smooth bunch, brewed exclusively by beer giant Florida Ice & Farm Company. The most traditional - and longstanding - are the Pilsen and Imperial.
Central America's 7 Capital Cities
Central America Capitals: Capital cities in Central America.
How to Get your Residency in Costa Rica
Becoming a resident in Costa Rica takes time and patience, but it is possible. For ways to qualify for residency, a list of documents needed to apply and whether residency is even necessary, look no further than
Photo Tour: Caye Caulker, Belize
Photo tour of Caye Caulker, Belize: Because Caye Caulker is so small, it’s a breeze to navigate. Here's an easy walking tour so travelers can familiarize themselves with this friendly, funky Caribbean island.
Belize Travel: Before You Go
Belize travel: A guide to Belize travel, in Central America's true Caribbean nation.
Central America Insects (the Irritating Kind)
Central America insects: All about the poisonous and non-poisonous bugs and insects of Central America.
Costa Rica All-Inclusive Resorts
A selection of Costa Rica's top all-inclusive resorts for a hassle-free vacation.
Roatan in the Honduras Bay Islands
Roatan Honduras: Roatan, one of Honduras's Bay Islands, attracts every type of traveler, from the luxury cruise-shipper to the budget backpacker.
Pictures of San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua
Photos of San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, from the village to San Juan del Sur beaches.
Costa Rica Photo Gallery
Costa Rica Photos: Our Costa Rica Photo Gallery lets you enjoy Costa Rica's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with Costa Rica photos ranging from the Monteverde Cloudforest to the Costa Rica beaches of Manuel Antonio, Jaco and Tamarindo.
Central America Facts
Fascinating facts about Central America and the region’s seven countries: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama.
Photos of Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Photos of Playa Tamarindo, a Costa Rica beach on the Nicoya Peninsula.
The Belize Cayes
The islands of Belize - known as the Belize Cayes - are easily accessible Caribbean islands that boast some of the world's best diving.
Snakes of Central America
Central America snakes: All about the venomous and non-poisonous snakes of Central America.
What To Do on a Budget in San José
There are plenty of things to do on a budget in Costa Rica’s capital city San José. If you are willing to think outside the box and don’t mind venturing out on your own. Here’s what we recommend.
Costa Rica in December
This Central American tourist destination has some of its best weather in December, making Christmas holidays a good if busy time for a visit.
El Salvador Photo Gallery
El Salvador Photos: Our El Salvador Photo Gallery allows you to enjoy El Salvador's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with El Salvador photos ranging from the beaches of La Libertad to the Maya ruins of Tazumal.
San Pedro La Laguna -- Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
San Pedro la Laguna is a village on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Explore San Pedro la Laguna!
Photos of Belize City, Belize's Capital
Photos of Belize City, Belize's Capital city.
Belize Food and Drink
Belize Food and Drink: all about Belize food and Belize beverages, from cassava bread to frothy seaweeds. Come sample some Belize cuisine!
Nicaragua Food Photo Gallery
Nicaragua Food: Pictures of Nicaragua food, from gallo pinto to chicharrones.
Quepos, Costa Rica Sunset Pictures
Costa Rica sunset pictures: photos of a beach sunset in Quepos, Costa Rica, near Manuel Antonio.
Central America Packing Tips
Packing for Central America Travel: Packing tips for travelers to Central America (and beyond!).
El Salvador Drinks
El Salvador Drinks: drinks and beverages in El Salvadoran cuisine.
Gay and Lesbian Travel in Central America
Gay-friendly travel in Central America's countries, from Costa Rica to El Salvador.
Central America Folklore and Legends
Folklore, legends, and mythology from Central America.
Panama Beaches
Panama Beaches: The beaches of Panama in Central America are gorgeous and diverse. Explore Panama beaches!
Central America Airports and Airport Codes
A quick reference guide to Central America’s international airports and airports codes.
San Salvador, El Salvador's Capital City
Guide to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, for travelers: including San Salvador attractions, San Salvador nightlife, and more.
Where to Live in San José, Costa Rica
If you are looking for a place to live in San José, Costa Rica, consider neighborhoods such as Los Yoses, Rohrmoser, Escazú and Santa Ana. Relatively safe for foreigners and within close proximity to good restaurants and gyms, these areas will make you feel at home.
Guatemala Drinks
Guatemala Drinks: drinks and beverages in Guatemalan cuisine.
Travel Profile: Placencia, Belize
Welcome to Placencia Belize! Belize is famous for its laid-back attitude, and Placencia beach is the perfect place for travelers to celebrate it.
Utila Honduras Travel Profile
Utila Honduras: All about the Bay Island of Utila in Honduras.
Maps of Costa Rica
Maps of Costa Rica: A list of the best physical and political maps of Costa Rica.
Manuel Antonio Photo Gallery
Manuel Antonio Photos: Welcome to our Manuel Antonio Photo Gallery, with pictures of Manuel Antonio National Park & the Manuel Antonio beaches in Costa Rica.
Belize Events and Festivals
Belize Events and Festivals: Descriptions and dates of events in Belize.
Discover Costa Rica's Beautiful Manuel Antonio...
Manuel Antonio National Park is located on the Pacific coast, in the Costa Rican province of Puntarenas. Though small, it’s the most visited park in Costa Rica -- and one of the most beautiful.
5 Historic Monuments of Costa Rica
Read about 5 of the best monuments and historical sites of Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Drinks
Drinks and beverages in Costa Rican cuisine.
Bus Travel in Central America
Bus travel in Central America is a necessity for backpackers and budget travelers. Here's a list of tips for Central America bus travel, from chicken buses to luxury buses.
Jaco Beach
A photo of Jaco beach in Costa Rica (Playa Jaco). Part of our Costa Rica photo gallery. Page 20.
Photos of Cayo, Belize
Cayo District in western Belize is the country's top eco-tourism and adventure travel destination. Explore photos of Cayo, Belize!
Panama Wildlife Photos: The Insects of Panama
Panama insects photo gallery, featuring images of insects, arachnids, and other creepy crawlers in Panama, Central America.
Poas Volcano National Park in Costa Rica
Poas Volcano National Park in Costa Rica: The Poas Volcano has some of the highest-reaching geysers in the world and it’s also said to have the world’s second widest crater. Only 45 minutes outside of San José, this is an easy day trip for visitors to San José, Costa Rica.
Backpacking in Guatemala
Backpacking in Guatemala: the top budget travel destinations for backpackers in Guatemala, Central America.
Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica: Travel guide to Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica, one of the most popular Costa Rica beaches for international travelers.
Travel Safety in Costa Rica
A quick guide to travel safety and security in Costa Rica, Central America.
South and Central America
Central America is actually a part of North America. South America is a continent of its own.
Honduras Travel: Before You Go
Honduras travel guide: All about Honduras travel, from the Caribbean Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila in the east, to the Maya ruins of Copan in the west.
Central America Desserts
Photos of Central America desserts and sweets, from tres leches cake to freses con crema. Yum!
Photos of Monteverde National Park, Costa Rica
Photos of Monteverde National Park in Costa Rica.
Montezuma Beach in Costa Rica
Playa Montezuma in Costa Rica: Liberal,laid-back Playa Montezuma is one of the best Costa Rica beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula for open-minded budget travelers.
Costa Rica Islands
Costa Rica islands: All about Costa Rica's island paradises: Cocos, Cano, and Tortuga. Explore the islands of Costa Rica!
Panama Facts
Interesting facts about Panama, a country in Central America that unites North America and South America.
Travel Safety in Guatemala
An overview of travel safety and security in Guatemala.
Honduras Photo Gallery
Honduras Photos: Our Honduras Photo Gallery lets you enjoy Honduras's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with Honduras photos ranging from the Bay Islands to the Mayan ruins of Copan.
Costa Rica in July
All about Costa Rica travel in July - weather, events, holidays and seasonal tips.
Central America Border Crossings
Crossing the borders between Central America countries.
Travel Safety in Nicaragua
A quick guide to travel safety and security in Nicaragua, Central America.
Belize Travel Photos: Where to Go in Belize
Interested in Belize travel? Check out these photos of top Belize destinations and attractions for travelers!
Belize Travel Safety
Belize safety: A guide to travel safety and security in Belize, Central America.
Photos of Central America Food
Photos of Central America cuisine, from the plantain to the pupusa.
Costa Rica Beaches: The Nicoya Peninsula
The Nicoya Peninsula is Costa Rica's most popular beach destination. Check our out picks for the top Nicoya beaches in Costa Rica.
The Best Costa Rica Luxury Hotels
Costa Rica Luxury Hotels: Costa Rica is a tropical destination where the wealthy go to play. And there is no shortage of Costa Rica luxury hotels to cater to their every need. Unlike other vacation spots, where resorts are spread out like miniature meccas, the high-end hotels in Costa Rica are more personable in their service, size and layout; creating a unique experience in every destination.
Roatan Honduras Photo Gallery
Photos of Roatan, Honduras, part of the Bay Islands.
Panama City Photo Gallery
Panama City Photos: Pictures of Panama City, Panama, in Central America. Includes photos of the Panama Canal.
Photos of Granada, Nicaragua
Granada Photos: Photos of Granada Nicaragua, the oldest city in the Americas.
Nicaragua Travel - Before You Go
Nicaragua travel: Come explore Nicaragua travel!
San Jose, Costa Rica
A photo of San Jose, Costa Rica, in our Costa Rica photo gallery. Page 6.
Honduras Drinks
Honduras Drinks: drinks and beverages in Honduran cuisine.
Guatemala Photo Gallery
Guatemala Photos: Enjoy the beauty of Guatemala through the eyes of various photographers, with Guatemala photos ranging from Antigua Guatemala to the Maya ruins of Tikal.
Costa Rica Vaccinations & Health Information
What vaccinations you should get before traveling to Costa Rica, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.
San Jose Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica: All about San Jose Costa Rica, the Costa Rica capital city.
One Week in Guatemala - Itinerary
Introduction of a one week itinerary along Guatemala.
Guatemala Travel: Before You Go
Guatemala travel: Explore Guatemala travel destinations like Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Antigua, Xela, and the Maya ruin of Tikal.
El Salvador Money: the El Salvador Colón...
El Salvador Money: El Salvador money, banks, and foreign exchange rates with the El Salvador colon.
Panama City View
Our Panama Photo Gallery allows you to enjoy Panama's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with pictures ranging from the islands of Bocas del Toro to the Panama Canal. Page 20.
Costa Rican Spanish Words and Phrases
Costa Rica Spanish language guide: In celebration of Costa Rica travel, here's a crash course of words and phrases in Costa Rican Spanish.
Volunteering With Animals in Central America
Volunteer With Animals: Volunteer with animals in Central America.
Two-Week Central America Vacation Ideas
Two-week Central America vacations: two-week travel itineraries for memorable Central America vacations.
Mayan Ruins in Central America
Photos, descriptions and travel info about Mayan ruins in Central America, from the Tikal ruins in Guatemala to the Copan ruins in Honduras.
Nicaragua Drinks
Nicaragua Drinks: drinks and beverages in Nicaraguan cuisine.
San Blas Islands Photo Gallery
.about.com "> San Blas Islands Photo Gallery: The San Blas Islands of Panama -- also known as the Kuna
Granada, Nicaragua -- Travel Profile
Granada Nicaragua is Nicaragua's top travel destination. Granada, Nicaragua has an incomparably rich and illustrious history -- take a look!
What to Eat in Costa Rica
What to Eat in Costa Rica: Everyone knows the Costa Rican casado and gallo pinto, but here’s a look into the less talked about Costa Rica food.
Shopping in Panama
Where to shop in Panama, from Mayan markets to Panama shopping malls.
Renting a Car in Costa Rica? Here's What We...
Renting a car in Costa Rica: Tips on renting a car in Costa Rica, Central America.
Costa Rica Weather
Costa Rica Weather: All about weather in Costa Rica for travelers.
Backpacking in El Salvador
Backpacking in El Salvador: the top budget travel destinations for backpackers in El Salvador, Central America.
Costa Rica in October
All about Costa Rica travel in October - weather, events, holidays and seasonal tips.
Puerto Viejo
Our Costa Rica Photo Gallery allows you to enjoy Costa Rica's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with photos ranging from the Monteverde Cloudforest to the beaches of Manuel Antonio, Jaco, Montezuma and Tamarindo. . Page 7.
Belize Photo Gallery
Belize Photos: Our Belize Photo Gallery lets you enjoy Belize's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with Belize photos ranging from Altun Ha to Ambergris Caye.
Bastimentos Island
Our Panama Photo Gallery allows you to enjoy Panama's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with pictures ranging from the islands of Bocas del Toro to the Panama Canal. Page 16.
Corcovado National Park
Costa Rica Photo Gallery: Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. Page 10.
Boquete Photo Gallery
Photos of Boquete, Panama.
Anafres in Honduras Cuisine
Anafres in Honduras food: The definition of Anafres in Honduran cuisine & cooking.
San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua is the quintessential Central America beach village. Explore San Juan del Sur beach!
5 Historic Monuments of Nicaragua
Read about 5 of the best monuments and historical sites of Nicaragua.
Central America Weather
Central America Caribbean: Guide to the Central America Caribbean
Costa Rica Map
A Costa Rica map in our image gallery of Central America maps, including maps of every Central America country. Page 2.
The Panama Canal
Photo of the Panama Canal. Our Panama Photo Gallery allows you to enjoy Panama's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with pictures ranging from the islands of Bocas del Toro to the Panama Canal. Page 4.

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