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Readers Respond: Favorite Costa Rica Food

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From the article: Costa Rica Food and Drink
When it comes to food in Costa Rica, there are plenty of tasty dishes to satisfy hungry travelers. From casados to gallo pinto to ceviche, Costa Rica food is undeniably delicious. What Costa Rican dish do you like the best?

Yummy soup

Sopa de res! Beef soup. Absolutely delicious!!! My children love it to!!
—Guest Nativemom

My Favorite Costa Rican Dish

The plantain dish with vanilla, cinnamon, milk and cheese among the ingredients. Muy Bueno!!!!!
—Guest Susie Que

favorite Costa Rican foods

I couldn't get enough of grilled plantains and morra jugo con leche -- blackberry juice with milk.
—Guest oaklandmomcat

best Costa Rica foods

My favorite Costa Rican foods are tropical fruit refrescos and the fried plantains served with casados. Yum!! Also, all the cheeses made in Monteverde.
—Guest alphabeta

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